Brentwood Powder Coating Powder Coating services for metal and steel parts in Brentwood, Gilroy, and San Jose, CA.  Powder Coating parts up to 5ft x 3ft in size.
Brentwood Powder Coating


Sand Blasting Services

  • Removes rust, paint, and scale to bare metal

  • Cleans and prepares surfaces for powder coating

  • 58" x 34" x 28" enclosed work area

  • Low-cost fees using our state of the art system

  • Quick turnaround and excellent quality
Sanblasting Services at Brentwood Powdercoating

What Can Be Powder Coated?

Any metal object that can hold an electrostatic charge and withstand the heat of the curing process can be powder coated. Powder can be applied to intricate surfaces and still maintain a uniform finish across the entire piece. Powder coating is ideal for items such as:

  • Industrial Fabrications
  • Architectural Signage
  • Metal Fencing and Railings
  • Retail Displays & Fixtures
  • Patio Furniture
  • Motorcycle Frames, Wheels & Parts
  • Automotive Wheels & Parts
  • Off Road Vehicle Frames & Parts
  • Bicycle Frames & Parts